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I am also a Licensed Real Estate Agent!

                     If you are looking for a Realtor to sell your property, you should hire me!

 Here is why!

I started in 2005 working for a title company and by 2006 at the age of 21, I was marketing for a mortgage company. I got my mortgage brokers license that same year. I was awarded the # 1 producing broker my first year at the company out of 400 brokers. I pocketed my first $120,000, no degree needed.

Thereafter, the mortgage markets went bust and the recession hit. I had already bought a 5,000 sq ft 4-Unit in Louisiana as my first investment and a lot of land in North Carolina. I actually flew out to Louisiana to do the deal and had a lot of fun. By 2008, I was out of the mortgage business and starting over. I got into investing in pre foreclosures with a unique approach. That went very well and still does, but I thought it would be good to have another source of income considering what just happened to me in the recession. So I started to learn about Wholesaling Real Estate and I hired a girl to help me and I jumped right in. Within 3 years from 2011 to 2014, I successfully bought and sold over 300 properties totaling 30 million plus in sales. Through this process, I worked and closed deals with hundreds and hundreds of Real Estate agents here in Florida. I have personally called and emailed thousands of agents, and presented 10’s of thousands of offers over the years. I don’t know another Realtor that has as much experience as I do, speaking to agents and closing deals with them.

What that means for you when you hire me to sell your property is that my experience will benefit you and add value to your sale. Hopefully that equates to more money for you and a smooth transaction. My career has allowed me to gain knowledge and experience firsthand with my own sales and purchases before I started selling other people’s property. By doing this, I got the learning curve and adventures out of the way, and positioned myself to offer you the highest caliber agent experience and expertise that money can buy. My firsthand investment experience gives me a unique advantage that leaves my services and results unrivaled by other Realtors who are not me!

 Everyone wants the sale of their property to go smoothly, right?

Like many things in life, things don’t always go according to plan.

This is when who you hire to be your agent is going to make all the difference! Who your agent knows, what your agent knows, the personality type of your agent, and their ability to solve problems and create leverage are going to determine if your problem can be solved efficiently and adequately or if you’re going to need to hire a lawyer or other possibly unnecessary things. I pride myself on being a problem solver and I have had 10 plus years of solving big and small problems.

I am great at doing easy deals, but I am even better at doing the horrible ones! You can count on me to get the job done!

 So what kind of experience do I have in marketing?

 Since 2007, I have put out 10’s of thousands of bandit signs and stickers seeking both buyers and sellers. I have direct mailed 10’s of thousands of sellers and buyers postcards and letters. I have done Facebook Ads, SEO, Online Posts, Telemarketing, Door Knocking, Websites, Text Messaging, E- Mail, and Network Marketing, as well as having a group called GRIND, where Real Estate professionals come to play golf once per month. I have done open houses and brochures as well. We can also offer aerial drone videos of your property, video tours for online advertising, and other custom options for the most elite clients.

 What experience do I have in Real Estate?

I have bought, sold, and negotiated Short Sales, Note Sales, Judgement Sales, Cash for Deed Sales, Foreclosure Settlements, and have partook in Litigations against banks as Plaintiff. I have also been a Trustee of about 100 properties. I am a landlord, rehabber, and full time property wholesaler with close to 50 million dollars of properties bought and sold. I also manage properties and litigation for clients and act as a trusted adviser and consultant to some of the local industry’s investors and lawyers.

Are you looking to sell your Real Estate?

I have to be one of the best Realtors and Investors in the business.

 Please, consider hiring me to be your Listing Agent the next time you need an Experienced, Sharp, Results Proven Expert to help you SELL!

  For ALL THIS, I ONLY charge 2% Commission!

 Let my Experience go to work for YOU.

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