We Don’t Just Offer Money, We Bring Solutions


If it’s time to sell, you know best. We buy in any area or price range throughout Florida. Receive a cash offer from us and close as fast as you like. If you’re wondering, well what about this and what about that, don’t worry. That’s why you came to us. We are going to make the process simple, and handle all your Real Estate and/or Relocation needs. Contact me to get your questions answered and game plan figured out. I’m at your service.

Back Taxes: If you do not pay your property taxes, the government will eventually auction off your property. We can buy your property well before the auction, or at the last minute. We’ve done both. STOP THE AUCTION!

Estate, Probate, Inherited Property:  When someone passes away there property becomes owned by their estate. In other words their relatives, or whomever they willed or“trusted” the house to. We are familiar with the laws and rules that go into selling an estate owned property. Sometimes, the estate does NOT have the resources to pay for the Probate Court Proceeding. This Probate is needed when someone dies with no will, or trust. (in general) WE WILL PAY FOR YOUR PROBATE, so you don’t need to let lack of money or knowledge stop you from selling the property you inherited. We can work with all members of the estate to make sure you all get what you are entitled to, and we will buy your house AS-IS. You don’t have to clean, remove furniture, trash, or make any repairs. I can help you avoid issues Estates sometimes have when selling. Call the Expert!

Costly Repairs: I buy houses with holes in the roof, plumbing issues, fire damage, vandalism, and just plain old outdated, and everything in between. I even buy expensive houses that need updating and the sellers do not want to update it, they just want to sell AS-IS. If you don’t want to or can’t afford to fix your house, sell it now before it loses more value from damage, or lack of repair. In most cases I would also recommend not to try to fix it yourself! Leave the big repairs and updates to me. Put that money in your pocket instead, not the house!

Tenant Problems: I have bought houses with non paying tenants, and I have lent sellers money and referred them a lawyer to evict non paying tenants or “Family Members”. I don’t care how horrible they are, how long they’ve been there, or if they claim they own the house because some long lost relative left it to them. I will deal with your tenants or family. Leave the work and stress to me.

Illness: Unfortunately, human beings age and become susceptible to disease and illness. Sometimes it’s short term, and other times its very serious and even deadly.  I have bought houses from people who are terminally ill, those who needed surgery insurance would not cover, and those who had medical bills they wanted to pay off. Sometimes, people sell so they can easily leave money for their loved ones and not burden them with the sale of a house, and or they want to see the joy  or relief their money can bring their family and grandchildren before they pass away.  I will be here for you and I will help you meet your goals.Call me when life happens.

Code Violations: My favorite topic ( not really). The government always has their hand out and is always scheming for a way to steal more of your hard earned money or equity. They love picking on people who can’t afford to fix the problems to. They are bullies. Code Violations can be fined $50 to $250 per day, per violation. Violations are for silly stuff for not cutting your lawn, painting your house,closing in a carport for a growing family, and so on. This money fined eventually becomes a lien on the title to your house, thus being a debt you owe upon selling your house. These fines can easily find their way up to $50,000, $100,000 or $250,000 and more. But don’t you worry because I will buy your house with the violations, liens, and fines!  They don’t scare me. I can even help you negotiate them down and fix your property to maximize the value if you want.

Foreclosure: I have been buying foreclosures, suing big banks, negotiating short sales and settlements, and paying for people’s attorneys so they can defend themselves against foreclosure for 10 years. I am not sure if you can tell, I do not like banks or how they treat people. I like to give them a dose of their own medicine. If you are facing a foreclosure law suit, or will be soon, I can help. My attorney and I will negotiate with your bank, or help you fight them. Even if you are upside down, and have no equity, I CAN PAY YOU CASH FOR YOUR HOUSE TODAY. No Short Sale needed. Let me know how I can help.

Incarceration: Recently, I have had the opportunity to buy property from people who are in jail. I go to the jail, I visit them, I even put some money in their account so they can buy snacks and other items sold to inmates. I work with the jail and my attorney to get the paperwork to the inmate, and facilitate the sale. I make sure the inmates money is in safe keeping for them upon release, or easy for them to access while incarcerated. I don’t let the system get in the way of you selling your home, and neither should you. If you are at risk of losing your home to an auction, I can help stop that auction as well so you have time to sell for a fair price. I’m in your corner fighting for you! 

Title Problems: Things can come up on title when selling. It happens all the time. It might be a Utility Bill that was never paid off, a mortgage that the bank never recorded a satisfaction for, another investor who filed a lien on the house because you decided not to sell to them, or A judgment against the seller or their heirs, a defect in a previous deed, a code violation lien, an open or expired permit, and many more things that can damage and encumber title to your property. I am an expert in buying property with title problems. I can either get the issue removed, pay it off for you, fix it, or have my Attorney Overwrite the Title Defect so we can close like it was never even there. Don’t let a title problem stop you from selling, it won’t stop me from buying!

Downsizing: People always sell me their house because they are downsizing. Either they are getting too old to manage a big lawn, pool, and or house maintenance, there kids are off to college or grown, the property taxes are too high, the financial burden of the property is more than they want to endure moving forward, and they plain old just don’t need or want all that space. Sometimes it’s a combination of the above and health issues. If you’re selling because you are downsizing, I get it. We can even help you relocate at no cost to you.

Divorce:No one like to talk about this but let’s face it, its part of modern day society. 50% of marriages end in divorce.  If you own a house with your husband or wife, you can be sure they or they’re lawyer will be trying to keep the house for themselves or force you to sell it, or settle with you to sell it, so they can get the money they need or want to start over and split assets equitably, or whatever. If you find yourself in a Divorce or Separation, and Real Estate is going to be sold, or it is an option you are exploring, I can help. I understand nuances of school enrollment and districts, timing of sale, how much you can ween from sale financially, and other personal aspects that you are considering when selling, and moving. I can work with each spouse, Attorney, and related party to fairly and professionally facilitate the sale of your Real Estate.Call Me.

Bankruptcy: Weather you are a business owner, or personal property owner, I know firsthand how debt can pile up, unforeseen life happenings can come out of the blue, and your life’s work can be put at risk of loss. I understand how the Bankruptcy Court works and how the Trustee will work with you and creditors to liquidate your properties. If you find yourself in a situation whereby the Court and or Trustee see it fit to sell your property to satisfy debtors, I have the cash on hand to pay you for your house, or work out other creative arrangements to get creditors off your back. It’s worth a call to see if I can help. Even if you are on a payment plan for a certain property through Bankruptcy, but you want to sell now, I might have creative ways to help you sell before you finish your payment plan. Let’s explore the possibilities together.

Liquidation: We have worked with companies that own 10,000 properties in Florida. Sounds insane when I first heard it on the phone but it’s true. Imagine that. We work with sellers liquidating 5,10, 50, or 100’s of properties. Weather it’s a large family inheritance, or a personal portfolio, or you are a large investment fund or investment company, I am at your service.  I can buy in BULK.

Retirement: Florida is the capital for Retirees. People not only retire in Florida, but the trend is relocating out of South Florida to other parts of the state, or across the United States to places like North Carolina, or Georgia, the Caribbean, or elsewhere. If your reason for selling is retirement, Congratulations. Who wants to work anymore right!! I hope where ever you end up its beautiful and relaxing with plenty of things to get you into trouble. When you sell to us, we will throw you are retirement party! Cake anyone?