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February 2021


It was pleasure working with you on this sale.Great communication – clear, concise, courteous. You were professional and respectful in your dealings with me. The deal was negotiated truthfully and with full transparency.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you and please pass on to the entire team that you have all displayed utmost professionalism and courtesy throughout the buying process – I will highly recommend dealing with Rich Burdette- and his team.

Thank you so much.

Alfonso R,
February 2021

Good Afternoon,

It was quick and smooth closing after a Short Sale Approval from the lender. Really it was pleasure to work with you on this deal.

Christine H,
February 2021

I would highly recommend Richard Burdette, dealing with him as a investor was a exceptional experience. We deal with many Investors on the daily basis on the REO Real Estate Foreclosure Industry. Richard and his team impressed us with efficient, professional manner – an approach not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we are looking for as well as provide consistency and delivered all expectations for smooth and fast closing.

Elena Y,
February 2021

It was really pleasure working with professionals like you and your team ( Cathy, Inspector and Contractor). Cathy was wonderful by helping me get in touch with you. Our trasaction went great and I thank you for the opportunity to help you with your purchase.

I will keep your contact information handy as I look forward to do more deals in the near future.

Thank you so much for the wonderful Gift Card; it was very kind of you.

Shirley B,
February 2021

Hello Cathy and Rich, I really enjoyed working with you and think that you are very professional.

February 2021

Hi Rich, thank you for the opportunity to assist you with your real estate purchase. Your knowledge of the real estate market and experience buying homes made this trasaction goes very smoothly. I look forward to work with you in future. Happy Holidays!

Damiana M,
February 2021

I think your company was very professional. Very quick to respond my requests. The closing was very smooth, with no stress. Thanks for doing business with me hope we can do more deals together.

Francis H,
February 2021

I’ m very happy to hear from you once again. It was pleasure working with you in the sale of my property and i really hope we can do business once again. I might have a property for you very soon so i will keep you posted.

Camille B,
February 2021

Florida Home Buyers was able to close a cash deal on one of my properties. I would work with them again !

The Diamond Family,
Hollywood, FL February 2021

Richard Burdette is THEREALDEAL when it comes to real estate! He’s extremely knowledgeable, highly professional, helpful, and fast-paced. Not just as a Buyer, but as a person as well, he’s very compassionate, personable, patient, and trustworthy. When Richard came to us, we assumed he was just going to be another one of the countless money hungry heartless individuals in the business that showed up at our doorstep. Boy, we couldn’t be more wrong! Richard was a Godsend and a true lifesaver! He literally saved us from two very close calls of two separate individuals who tried taking full advantage of us and our unfortunate situation, almost buying our homes for next to nothing and leaving us with almost nothing in returnand soon kicked out on the streets with no game plan and little money.

He quickly informed us of the unfair dirty contracts we were being conned into due to us having no knowledge of real estate and high stress of being convinced by everyone that we had no other possible options with time almost being up on our end. But Rich quickly fixed the situations and turned our chances around.

We don’t know what would’ve happened had he not shown up at our door and stepped in.He guided us with ease through every step of the way, addressing every single question and concern, and solving every road block we encountered head on throughout the whole overwhelming process. He honestly felt more like a friend to us, always protecting our best interests and advising and reassuring us countless times that everything will be okay.

It was a true pleasure to work with him in dealing with a real slippery and stressful situation of being forced to sell our two homes and buy another in a serious time crunch before the Auction. He did all this in 4 DAYS! And closed the deal 1 day before the Auction by working the weekend.Rich surpassed all of our expectations and met all our needs as a Buyer and person. If anyone has any real estate needs, Richard Burdette is most definitely who to call!You can count on him to get the job done in a snap and leave you highly impressed, believing too, that he is the best in the business. Richard, we can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us!

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